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Micarta Flex Scales for CRKT Minimalist

Completely morph your CRKT Minimalist into a new knife! Our micarta handles add some extra girth and increased flexibility in how the knife is held and used. Available in black or green micarta.


Blue Canvas
Black Canvas
Green Canvas

The CRKT Minimalist, while light and useful for small tasks, has some limiting ergonomics that can leave you wanting more.

Flytanium Micarta Flex Scales for the CRKT Minimalist Knife are a quick and easy way to change the ergonomics and styling of your favorite little fixed blade knife.

Flex Scales are made to fit all CRKT Minimalist Blades EXCEPT the wharncliffe version.

Compatible with the factory sheath.

Fits CRKT - 2379 Persian - 2383 Cleaver - 2384 Drop Point - 2386 Tanto - 2387 Bowie - 2389 Keramin - 2394 Katana - 2396 Spear Point

Material: Micarta

Finish: Matte

Weight: 1oz

Country of Origin: China

Fitment: Minimalist

Will Not Fit: Minimalist Wharncliffe 2385

Installation of the scales requires some basic tools and knowledge. The stock screws are NOT easy to remove and require some patience and skill. You will need a high quality torx bit set to remove the screws. We also HIGHLY recommend you safely apply some heat to the screws (heat gun, soldering iron) to loosen the loctite. If you need more information, email us.