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Titanium Split Key Rings - Set of 3

Lighten up! Traditional steel keyrings add unnecessary weight to your already heavy keys. Ditch the extra ounces and switch to titanium!


Titanium Stonewash

Three different sizes offer a variety of options for different needs. Grade TA1 titanium is commercially pure. Quieter than stainless steel rings, these light and non-corrosive rings measure in at:
- Large: 1.25" (32mm)
- Medium: 1" (25mm)
- Small: 0.7" (18mm)

Material: Titanium

Finish: Satin

Weight: 0.25oz

Country of Origin: China

Fitment: NA

Will Not Fit: NA

Please note that while titanium is strong and moderately springy, it can be warped with excessive force. Do not abuse your titanium split rings.