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Mystery Pack Scales - Pick Your Model!

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One of our favorite things growing up was going to the store, picking up a pack of trading cards, and frantically opening them to see if we managed to get some sort of '-zard'. Our Flytanium Mystery Packs pay homage to this childhood pastime by adding some randomness to what scales you get. Simply select which knife you would like scales for, and we'll send you a pack including scales (and maybe some other goodies) for that knife. You are guaranteed two sets of scales*; one metal or carbon fiber, and one G-10 or micarta. There are some incredible finds in these! Good luck!

*While many of our scales come from our manufacturers perfect, without blemish, some don't quite meet our standards for visual quality. The Mystery Pack features handle scales which are absolutely guaranteed to fit and perform, but may have small (read "almost un-noticeable") visual imperfections. They don't affect the performance of the knife in any way.

No choice of color/material - they're already sealed up! These are final sale, no returns will be accepted.

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