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Pivot Tool for Benchmade Knives

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Swapping scales on a Benchmade knife can be a real challenge, especially when that pivot JUST won't line back up. Initially developed as a way to make things easier for our team here at Flytanium to test install scales during our quality control processes, the Flytanium Pivot Tool for Benchmade Knives offers a rather painless way to remove and re-install your pivot assembly on your .187" diameter pivot Benchmade knives including:
- Bugout 535
- Mini Bugout 533
- Osborne 940
- Mini Osborne 945
- Bailout 537
- Mini Griptilian 556
- Taggedout 15535

Each Flytanium Pivot Tool is machined from quality hardened tool steel and features a keyed notch, knurled end, and a t10 driver for simple pivot removal and installation.

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