Arcade® Titanium Body Screw Set

More titanium? MORE TITANIUM! Replace your stock steel screws with this set of 5 body screws for the Arcade folder.
Titanium Stonewash
Titanium Black
Bronze Anodize
Purple Anodize
Dark Blue Anodize
Gold Anodize
Magenta Anodize
Green Anodize
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This set of replacement screws is lathed out of grade 5 titanium and includes three body screws and two pocket clip screws. Titanium screws give your knife superior corrosion resistance and our anodized versions can elevate a build to the next level.

Titanium screws can strip easily if over-tightened, so use caution when installing and only torque lightly.

Material: Titanium

Finish: Various


Country of Origin: China

Fitment: Arcade

Will Not Fit:

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