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Glidr Bit Holder

We're stoked to partner with Glidr to offer the Bit Holder here at Flytanium. This useful tool makes tuning and maintaining your balisongs and butterfly knives a breeze.


Do you struggle undoing your double sided pivots? Want to avoid unnecessary wear and damage squeezing handles together to stop spinning pivots? We have made the Bit Holder just for you!

Gone are the days where you have to awkwardly hold two drivers on each side of your pivot while unscrewing.

The Glidr Bit Holder is machined from solid 6061 Aluminium and features a non-slip silicon foot designed to be used on a flat surface. Designed to be used with any double sided pivot (pivots that have Torx holes on each side).

Comes with a WERA T10 bit and is compatible with most 1/4 inch hex bits.

Material: Aluminum

Finish: NA

Weight: 2.3oz

Country of Origin: Australia

Fitment: NA

Will Not Fit: NA

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