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  • Modifly is Flytanium's way to bring you the finishes you want for the knife scales you want, when you want it! All made-to-order by our in-house artists!


  • April 05, 2024 4 min read

    This week we’re excited to explore all things Modifly, like what is it? How does it work? What does that mean for you? We’re going to get an in-depth look at the process, the history, and how we plan to expand going forward.

    What is it?

    Modifly – the latest brainchild to come out of Flytanium. Our name is a portmanteau of Modification Service + Flytanium = Modifly. Or put simply, Modifly sounds like Modify. Modifly is a modification service to let customers add made-to-order anodized finishes on their Titanium products.

    Over the years, Flytanium has developed multiple unique finishes that used to be released in pre-made batches. This started out with the Titanium BM 51 handles back in 2015, where sets of handles would be released in one-off colors and splatter finishes. In 2017, the first sets of scales were anodized with specialty multi-step finishes. Now, our finishes range from single color options to complex etches and designs. This new method allows you to order whatever part you want, with whatever finish you want. No more waiting to see if your knife will be included in the upcoming drop in the right colorway, or not being able to purchase because everything is sold out. We believe that knives should be an extension of who you are, and Modifly aims to make customizing your favorite knife even easier.

    How does it work?

    We can’t have Modifly without anodizing. Anodizing adds to the natural oxide layer found on metal surfaces, and is a durable, non-corroding finish that’s often used for decorative purposes. It can be done with heat, acid, or electricity. Adding different quantities of acid, heat, and electricity leads to different outcomes, and some of our specialty finishes go through multiple steps to achieve their final look. Since anodizing is a surface-level change to the material, using Windex will help to brighten and make your piece look as good as new as you continue to use it.

    Modifly is available on a large range of stonewash titanium parts, primarily handles and scales. All you need to do is select your favorite scale – whether a Crossfade, Lotus, or Classic Flat – and choose a stonewash finish. Modifly finishes have a lot of factors that go into their final appearance, using stonewash Titanium allows us to consistently replicate the effect across the different pieces we offer.

    Once you select stonewash Titanium, scroll to the Modifly dropdown list and check out the various categories available. There’s solid colors, gradients, and specialty finishes available. There are currently over 25 unique finishes available, with more being added monthly. The Flavor of the Month is where we release limited-run experimental finishes. We’re always cooking up new things, feel free to drop us some suggestions on our Instagram for what you’d like to see next!

    The last step is simple – just add your product to the cart and checkout! You should see the item and the finish listed. From there, sit back and let us do the work. Each finish is created by hand, so please give us up to 4 days to create your specialty item, we want it to turn out as awesome as possible.

    What does Modifly mean for you?

    Modifly aims to give you maximum opportunities to customize your knife, with over 600 unique pairings available. This means you an create one-of-a-kind combinations and pairings whenever you want with just the click of a button. 

    I’ll let you in on our upcoming projects. We’re looking to add both Bronze and Copper specialty finishes, along with custom laser engravings with the text of your choice. We can’t wait to continue customizing your favorite knives in fun new ways!

    Our Finishes

    To achieve a solid color finish, Titanium is dipped in a warm acidic solution, rinsed off, then put into a container with an electrical current running through the water. The piece will then slowly change colors, going through the rainbow.

    Gradient finishes are created in a similar way – they follow the same anodizing process as above - except the piece is slowly removed from the water while anodizing. This allows two different colors to show up on the final design.

    The Planetary series is where things start getting more complex. Products are anodized once, manually weathered, and then anodized again. This multi-step process allows for a piece that has more depth with highlighted contours and milling (like the crossfade and lotus).

    Frost Etch uses a combination of anodizing and a laser to create the frosty pattern that ranges from a subtle Silver Frost to striking Bronze Frost.

    Specialty Finishes are usually the most technical finishes. They can be summed up as “things that are dipped in acid, set on fire, and then electrocuted”. All things that aren’t great for a normal human but make beautiful patterns on a piece of titanium.

    The Flavor of the Month is usually 2-3 techniques used in succession to create a unique piece of art that can adorn your knife. Our artists are always trying new and exciting techniques, and they'll often get added to our Flavor lineup!

    Check out our inspiration gallery to get inspired, or tag us in pics of your Modifly knife on Instagram @flytanium. Happy Modding!