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    Tatersong Limited Edition Balisong Knife

    Fresh out of the fryers, this crispy balisong is one for the collection. With crinkle cut handles for maximum jimping, a straight back steak knife blade, and quick as greased lightning bearing pivot, the Tatersong flips just like a master frycook at rush hour. Limited to 500 pieces, once these are gone, they're gone.

    Crinkle Cut
    Crinkle Cut - Damaged Packaging

    ORDER UP! Your Tatersong is ready!

    Hotter, sharper, and greasier than your favorite fries, the Tatersong comes at you with all the deliciousness a french fry enthusiast could ever want. They've been chopped and sliced, fried and finished to the exact specifications of only the best crinkle-cut French fries. You're definitely going to want one!

    Each Tatersong is made from the finest 6061-T6 aluminum and custom Cerakoted for the ultimate golden yellow French fry look. A crowned spined blade and silky smooth ceramic ball-bearing pivot give the Tatersong the looks and performance you crave. They include a Ketchup Red Bali Boot and Fly Bead, and come packaged with all the nostalgic fast food packaging you could ever want.

    Like any other joyful fast food combo, you get a TOY!! We're also including a Limited Edition Green Apple Dead Fly Vinyl Figure. WAHOOO!

    Limited to 500 pieces and individually numbered. When these are gone, THEY ARE GONE!

    Overall Length: 10.25"

    Weight: 4.54 oz.

    Blade Length: 4.25"

    Blade Thickness: 0.14"

    Blade Material: CPM-154

    Blade Finish: Stonewash

    Handle Length: 5.75"

    Handle Material: 6061 Aluminum

    Handle Finish: Custom Cerakote

    Pivot Type: Bearings

    Designer: Flytanium

    Country of Origin: USA

    We guarantee all Flytanium goods to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. If your product is defective, we will repair it, replace it, or substitute it for a different product of equal value.

    Hear the Tatersong in action

    Sound is such an important part of flipping. Below is an audio sample of the knife in action. Get those headphones in and bliss out to the sweet, sweet sounds of flipping.