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  • June 28, 2024 2 min read

    As a kid (and now adult) – I eagerly look forward to the Fourth of July. The time in the middle of summer where dad would bust out the grill, we’d get to see our school friends, and argue over which neighbor had the best fireworks display. It’s a quintessential American experience, where communities band together to commemorate our declaration of freedom. At Flytanium, we’ve decided to celebrate with 20% off all American-made products from July 1st through July 7th, Midnight MST.

    We’re proud to work with multiple local and domestic companies to produce our products. Most work is done in the machine shop below our office, but we outsource help from talented industry veterans to ensure our products are of the highest quality. Our Talisong Z, designed by the renowned Eldon Talley, is a prime example of the beauty that comes from collaboration.

    Our Talisong Z handles start as aluminum bar stock, which gets formed into the handle shape via 3 different machining operations. Handles are then media blasted to provide texture and to smooth any sharp edges left from the machining process.

    We work with an independently run anodizing business also located in Utah to get the perfect aluminum anodized finish. Our in-house titanium anodizing process uses acid and electricity, similar to aluminum anodizing. However, the aluminum process is much more dangerous and precise, so we leave that to the pros. The handles are returned to our shop and are ready for assembly

    When it comes to the blades, sheets of American steel are lasered into blanks then CNC profiled. They’re then shipped to Pennsylvania to be double disk ground to the correct width, which also removes surface impurities. The blades arrive back at the Utah machine shop, where they’re tumbled and then bevel ground. Most knives will go through a total of four passes to get the correct angles on them, after which they’re lasered and sharpened.

    The modifications team assembles knives using bushings and hardware made in-house on our Swiss lathe. From there, finished knives are checked for quality and then packaged. There’s over a dozen people across three states directly involved in making a single knife.

    Thankfully not every product requires repeated travel across state lines as part of the production process. Our Demko scales are all made in-house from various U.S. material companies. Sheets of Micarta, G-10, or even Carbon Fiber are processed in a CNC machine and then finished in our workshop. Below are some of our material off-cuts in Ultem and Carbon Fiber and their respective by-products.

    Last year we only offered aftermarket parts for sale, so we’re excited to include our in-house Modifly finishes at 20% off this year. Snag some titanium and get a specialty hand-made finish of your choice. Celebrate with our July Flavor of the Month and adorn your knife with an eagle and stars, in honor of our history.

    To see all products in our Fourth of July lineup, check out our Independence Day Collection. Happy Fourth!