Limited Edition Crossfade Scales for Benchmade Bugout Knife

Finally! The renowned Crossfade scales you love have come stateside! These USA manufactured scales bring the most unique and hot materials we could find to your Benchmade Bugout 535. Batches are small and some of these will be one-and-done. Check back often for new drops and fresh materials.

DayGlow G10
Opal G10
Toxic Waste G10
Mars Valley

These USA precision milled scales are a perfect fit to replace the standard Grivory scales. Installed weight varies per material, but is approximately 2 oz.

Fully contoured, improved ergonomics, and sleek styling, the Crossfade design has become a classic in the aftermaket knife mod community. Deck out your Bugout with these specialty materials and set your knife apart from the swarm.

Left handed? We can drill additional pocket clip holes for you, just drop us a detailed note during checkout!

*Knife not included. Uses hardware from stock knife.


Finish: Various

Weight: 0.8oz

Country of Origin: USA

Fitment: Bugout

Will Not Fit: Mini Bugout 533

Installation of the scales requires some basic tools and knowledge. You will need a high quality torx bit set to remove the screws and pivot. If you need more information, email us. You may need two torx bits to tighten each screw in the spacers.

Knife not included. Uses hardware from stock knife.

Please Note: Benchmade's Warranty does not cover disassembly of any knife by any person other than Benchmade's Warranty department.