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    Titanium Carbon Fiber Inlay Handles for Kershaw Lucha Knife

    Titanium handles for your Kershaw Lucha are just the upgrade you need! These feature a smooth carbon fiber inlay, instantly boosting the style. Choose from Fat Carbon Jungle wear, Arctic Storm, or White Storm; or Camo Carbon Red, Timascus, or Rockin 80s.


    Red Camo Carbon
    Timascus Camo Carbon
    Jungle Wear
    Arctic Storm
    White Storm
    Rockin 80s

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    The Kershaw Lucha has made some serious waves in the flipping community since its debut in January 2020. Add some personality to yours with our Flytanium Titanium Lucha handles. A sleek inlay and chamfered edges give the knife a fresh look while keeping it smooth in hand. These handles feature a light stonewash finish and come assembled with eight titanium screws. Engineered to be a perfect fit, these handles will turn your Lucha into the knife you always wanted it to be. *Knife not included.

    Material: Titanium

    Finish: Stonewash

    Weight: 3 oz

    Country of Origin: USA

    Fitment: Lucha

    Will Not Fit: NA

    *Installation of the scales requires some basic tools and knowledge. You will need a T6 and T8 torx bit to remove the screws and pivots. The parts are slipfit, and you may need to use two bits at a time if your posts spin. If you need more instructions, please email us.

    Disclaimer: There are many small parts and pieces on the Lucha. Flytanium is not responsible for lost or damaged pieces. Disassemble at your own risk.

    *Please Note: Kershaw's Warranty does not cover disassembly of any knife by any person other than Kershaw’s Warranty department.