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Flytanium x Vault Storage Case

If you're anything like us, you have way more knives than pockets to put them in and while it might be fun to carry everything you've got in a gunny sack like a train hopper on an adventure, most pocket knives will get damaged when they bounce around.

    Neon Yellow

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    We're pleased to introduce our exclusive Flytanium x Vault Co. Storage Case. It features semi-rigid exterior shell with a unique system of elastic webbing inside for holding your pocket knives, balisongs, and other accessories in place. It also includes a mesh pocket for any loose odds and ends, and features a micro-fleece liner for safe transport of your most precious tools and trinkets.

    The Flytanium Vault Case measures 11" X 6.5" and will fit (give or take):

    A handful of Luchas
    Several Talisong Zs
    Many Crossfade Bugouts
    A bunch of Lotus PM2s

    NOTE: The mesh pouch on the yellow logo case is attached, whereas the grey logo is removable.

    Material: NA

    Finish: NA

    Weight: 15.6oz

    Country of Origin: China


    Will Not Fit:

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