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  • The Arcade® - BLADE Show Exclusive Reveal + Deep Dive

    May 31, 2024 3 min read

    The Arcade® - BLADE Show Exclusive Reveal + Deep Dive

    This week we’re back to talk about the Arcade® and our upcoming BLADE Show exclusive design. The Retro themed Arcade® has our Flytanium take on old-school video game elements on our brand-new full Titanium scales. (Surprise, future product announcement!) There’s only six serialized models available featuring a green/teal gradient with a dark laser design. The Arcade® takes inspiration in the joy found jamming buttons and flicking joysticks - when you use the Arcade®, it should be a similarly rewarding tactile experience.

    The Arcade® is a case study of the greats – the greatest knives, materials, components, and experiences. We wanted to create the best knife possible based on our extensive experience creating aftermarket parts for multiple knife brands. We got to know multiple knives inside and out, figured out what we liked and didn’t like, and spent years tweaking our design to create a knife that would continue to increase in value.

    There’s a lot of features packed into this $199 knife. First up is the blade steel – S35VN. S35VN is one of the first Crucible Particle Metallurgy (CPM) steels developed specifically for knives. Using a scale of 1-10, it rates 5 for toughness, 5 in edge retention, and 7.5 for corrosion resistance. In comparison, 20CV possesses a 3.5 in toughness, 6.5 in edge retention, and 9 in corrosion resistance. Adding various trace elements changes the balance of steel properties, and it’s up to knife designers to choose the best steel for their knife design. S35VN hits the perfect balance for us – it’s strong and corrosion resistant without sacrificing points in any category.

    One of the biggest unique factors of the Arcade® is the Demko Shark-Lock™. When it comes to locking mechanisms, the Shark-Lock™ is one of the strongest mechanisms on the market. The Shark-Lock™ is stronger in nearly every category when compared to a crossbar lock. Both knives have ambidextrous locking mechanisms. The Shark-Lock™ is mechanically stronger – the tang has nearly a 3/8 inch of contact with the locking mechanism at a 90-degree angle. The tang on a Bugout, for example, is rounded and only connects with the rounded crossbar at a small point, providing minimal stability. The Shark-Lock™ has an internal coiled spring mechanism and two pins that would need to be sheared through before failure, unlike the Bugout with an external omega spring and a single pin preventing failure.

    Disassembled Arcade showing internal Shark-Lock

    The Shark-Lock™ also helps the Arcade® to be an extremely fidgety knife. The raised lock ramp allows you to quickly deploy and disengage the blade. The blade itself rides on smooth ceramic bearings; no extra lube required. You can use the ramp to flick the blade open with your wrist spidey-style or use a classic thumbstud maneuver. The Arcade® is easy to use no matter your familiarity with knives, making it a great option for beginners and enthusiasts.

    The Arcade® is also a great intro into customization and modifications. To change out the inlays, you only need to remove 5 body screws with a T-6 tool tip. To change out the handle scales, you remove the same 5 body screws and the pivot. Mess up your modifications? No worries, we want you to customize and explore what your knife can be.  Flytanium is one of the few knife brands who has a warranty that includes disassembly, so you’re covered! We even include an extra set of inlays to get you started on some stock models.

    If we don’t have you quite convinced yet – we understand. The Arcade isn’t exactly the flashiest knife on the block. It’s designed to be generic, unassuming, perhaps even approachable. It’s an exercise in utilitarian, detail-focused design. It’s a knife that grows on you, especially once you hold it and experience the mechanisms in motion. Try it for yourself at the Blade HQ storefront or live at BLADE Show Atlanta 2024, Booth 249. You can meet the knife designer, Brian Keyes, in person and get all the nitty-gritty details from him.

    The Arcade® can be whatever you want. We’re excited to provide enthusiasts and newcomers alike the opportunity to express themselves. Happy modding!