Bandwidth Scales for Demko Ad 20.5 - Stonewash Titanium

If you thought your Demko AD 20.5 couldn't get any better, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you slap a set of our Bandwidth Titanium scales on yours. Machined in house at our facility in UT, USA from quality, Grade 5 Titanium, and meticulously finished by our quality assurance team, each set of Bandwidth scales is both great to look at and ready to work. Whether you baby your blades or beat them up, these are an incredible addition to your EDC rotation. Get some!
Titanium Stonewash

Material: Titanium

Finish: Stonewash


Country of Origin: USA

Fitment: AD 20.5

Will Not Fit: ADKAD205CP3VTIT / ADKAD205SF3VTIT - 3V Textured Titanium AD20.5, ADKAD205CP3VCF / ADKAD205SF3VCF - 3V Carbon Fiber AD20.5