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    Zenith Live Blade for Benchmade 51 Balisong w/ Bushings

    Morph your Benchmade 51 balisong with the USA-made Zenith Live blade from Flytanium. The addition of bushings on the knife make for a smoother flip and tighter tolerances. Pick one up today!


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    Due to the difficulty of the manufacturing process for this product, we are currently not offering an ETA. We will make a public announcement when this product is available for purchase.

    Flytanium is know for bringing you the best aftermarket parts for your Benchmade 51. After each successful launch of our titanium V series scales, we decided to offer a replacement live blade to spice up your 51 and make it even better! Like all our products, the Zenith Live Blade works seamlessly with your 51.

    The Zenith Live Blade features a unique, symmetrical spear point blade. Only one side of the blade is sharp, while the other has a false edge. Since we are a huge fan of bushing driven pivots, we decided to add this component to the Zenith. You will notice the pivot holes are larger to accommodate for the bushings. This allows for a smooth action while eliminating some of the play associated with balisongs. The Zenith is made from premium 154cm steel, given a stonewash finish and sports the Flytanium DeadFly logo. The stock 51 blade weighs about .98 oz while the Zenith Live Blade weighs 1.03 oz.

    *Knife sold separately

    Material: Steel

    Finish: Stonewash

    Weight: 1.03 oz

    Country of Origin: USA

    Fitment: 51

    Will Not Fit: NA

    Installation of the blades requires some basic tools and knowledge. You will need a T8 torx bit to remove the pivots. The pivots are pressure set and require some force to remove and install. A mallet/hammer is necessary. The pivots require FORCE to install flush in the scales, this is on purpose so they do not spin freely. There are some good informational videos on YouTube if you need more instructions or email us.

    Disclaimer: There are many small parts and pieces on the 51. Disassemble at your own risk.

    Please Note: Benchmade's Warranty does not cover disassembly of any knife by any person other than Benchmade’s Warranty department.