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    GARAGE SALE Flybar Keychain Prybar

    This product will have surface blemishes or other cosmetic imperfections. Final Sale. No Refunds, Returns, or Exchanges.

    We've been on the hunt for a bomber keychain prybar and keep coming up dry... So here it is! Grade 5 titanium, 3.5 inches long, chunky knurl for grip, titanium split key ring. Open boxes, scrape stickers, twirl it on your fingers. The world is your oyster - pry it open with the Flybar Keychain Prybar!

    Titanium Black
    Titanium Stonewash

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    Machined out of billet Ti-6Al-4V, our Flybar Keychain Prybar is a great utility addition to your key ring. Available in both a brilliant stonewash that hides scrapes and a black coated finish that develops a rugged battle-worn patina.

    Overall length: 3.5"
    Titanium Split Ring Diameter: 1.0"
    Weight: 0.8 oz

    Material: Titanium

    Finish: Various

    Weight: 0.8 oz

    Country of Origin: China


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