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U.F.O. Flipping Object - 3 Pack

We've got sightings of an Unidentified Flipping Object! Prepare for invasion!

Whether you're just getting started with balisongs or want to try something different, the UFO will abduct you into a whole new world of flipping.

This three pack features one of each color and is perfect for stuffing those holiday stockings.


If you're looking for a great entry level option into the world of balisongs, look no further. The UFO will show you the way! Use it to learn tricks and create all new tricks with the unique center ring.

The UFO runs on bushing pivots for premium tuneability on a flipping toy. Weighted glass reinforced nylon handles make flipping a breeze, and the textured ends of the handles make it difficult for the UFO to go flying out of your hand.

The black anodized ring and black oxide coated hardware have extra resistance to the wear and tear and are a nice compliment to the bright colored handles.

Overall Length: 8.1"

Weight: 2.66 oz.

Blade Length: 2.25"

Blade Thickness: 0.16"

Blade Material: 6061 Aluminum

Blade Finish: Anodized

Handle Length: 5.75"

Handle Material: Glass Reinforced Nylon

Handle Finish: Textured

Pivot Type: Bushings

Designer: Flytanium

Country of Origin: China

We guarantee all Flytanium goods to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. If your product is defective, we will repair it, replace it, or substitute it for a different product of equal value.