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Aluminum Ball Cage Lock for Spyderco Manix 2 Knife

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Replace your stock plastic ball cage lock with a fresh one from Flytanium. Our new anodized aluminum ball cage lock will fit both the Manix 2 and Manix 2 XL (but not the lightweight models due to pin construction). Available in five anodized colors: Black, Red, Orange, Dark Green, and Sage Green. This handy piece weighs in at just 0.05 oz.

Because each knife is slightly different, there is a break-in period when you install your new ball cage lock. Spend an afternoon playing with your knife, enjoying your new lock, and you’ll be good to go!

*Installation of the ball cage lock requires some basic tools and knowledge. You will need a high quality torx bit set to remove the screws and pivots. The pivot and lanyard tube can be tough to remove. There are some good informational videos on YouTube if you need more instructions or email us.

Disclaimer: There are many small parts and pieces on the Manix 2. It is NOT easy to take apart. Disassemble at your own risk.

*Please Note: Spyderco's Warranty does not cover disassembly of any knife by any person other than Spyderco’s Warranty department.

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