Silicone Bali Boot for Talisong Z and Kershaw Aluminum Lucha - 4-pack

An innovative and effective way to carry many of your favorite latch-less balisongs, including the Flytanium Talisong Z and Kershaw Lucha with aluminum handles. The flexible material won't scratch your knife and ensures a secure fit!


The Bali Boot was developed as a safe and innovative way to carry your latchless balisong. It is soft and flexible, and won't mar up the handles. The lanyard loop lets you accessorize with your favorite paracord and beads for static line or in-pocket carry.

Accessorize your knife with 4 colorways: translucent smoke, dusty indigo, fresh mint, and hazard yellow.

The Bali Boot fits the Talisong Z, Kershaw Lucha *w/ Flytanium aluminum handles and many others.

Material: Silicone

Finish: Matte

Weight: 0.35oz

Country of Origin: China

Fitment: Lucha and Talisong Z

Will Not Fit: NA

Just pop it on!