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Pivot Tool for Benchmade Knives

Tired of fighting with your Bugout when trying to install your new Flytanium scales on that bad boy? No More! The Flytanium pivot tool holds all of those bits together when disassembling your small pivot, Axis Lock, Benchmade knives.

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Swapping scales on a Benchmade knife can be a real challenge, especially when that pivot JUST won't line back up. Initially developed as a way to make things easier for our team here at Flytanium to test install scales during our quality control processes, the Flytanium Pivot Tool for Benchmade Knives offers a rather painless way to remove and re-install your pivot assembly on your .187" diameter pivot Benchmade knives including:

Bugout 535
Mini Bugout 533
Osborne 940
Mini Osborne 945
Bailout 537
Mini Griptilian 556
Taggedout 15535

Each Flytanium Pivot Tool is machined from quality hardened tool steel and features a keyed notch, knurled end, and a t10 driver for simple pivot removal and installation.

Material: Steel

Finish: Satin

Weight: 0.8oz

Country of Origin: China

Fitment: 940 Osborne, 945 Mini Osborne, Bugout, Mini Bugout, Taggedout , Bailout, and Mini Griptilian

Will Not Fit:

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