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Universal Titanium Pocket Clip

A pocket clip can make or break a knife. For those of you that need that deep carry and want the performance and longevity of titanium, our Universal Titanium Pocket Clip is made for you. These clips come in two lengths and fit a majority of popular Benchmade and Spyderco models as well as some other brands. See below for a growing compatibility list.
Titanium Stonewash
Titanium Black
Titanium Blasted

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Our clips feature slotted screw holes that fit a variety of knives in the industry including most Benchmade three hole clips and a majority of popular Spyderco models. See the list below for confirmed fit:

• Bugout 535
• Mini Bugout 533
• Taggedout
• Griptilian
• Mini Griptilian
• 940 Osborne
• 945 Mini Osborne
• Freek
• Bailout
• Shootout
• Claymore
• Mini Claymore
• Immunity
• Narrows
• Crooked River
• Mini Crooked River
• Adamas
• Mini Adamas
• Stryker
• Barrage
• Stimulus
• Phaeton
• Presidio
• Mini Barrage

• Paramilitary 2
• Para 3
• Delica
• Endura
• Endela
• Smock
• Manix 2
• Yojimbo 2
• YoJumbo
• Stretch 2
• Canis
• Police
• UpTern
• Amalgam
• Nirvana

*Clips may fit other models not listed. Universal clips block lanyard holes on some models.

Material: Titanium

Finish: Various

Weight: 0.2oz

Country of Origin: China

Fitment: 940 Osborne, 945 Mini Osborne, Bugout, Taggedout , Para 3, Paramilitary 2, Endura, Delica, Yojimbo 2, Bailout, Smock, Brouwer, Griptilian, Mini Griptilian, Mini Freek, and Mini Crooked River

Will Not Fit: NA

Installation of the pocket clip lock requires some basic tools and knowledge. We recommend a high quality torx bit set to aid in the disassembly. Gently screw down ALL pocket clip screws before tightening. Some knife models will require pre-loading screws in the clip before installing.